2018 September Transformation Challenge!

Welcome to the 2018 6-Week Transformation Challenge with Ironside Fitness!

This page will serve as the portal for the Challenge – and will constantly be updated with new content and tips throughout the Challenge!  Please stay tuned and check back regularly!

Week 6 Focus and Tips!

The end of the Challenge is upon you!!  Great work for all your efforts so far!

This Week’s focus is all about recapping what you’ve learned so far, plus setting you up for success long term!  Patrick & I shared the camera to do a video with our tips for you – watch below 🙂

Stay tuned to FB and your emails this week as we have a fun surprise lined up for participants…

Remember to book your final fit testing so you can see your amazing improvements – times are all listed on the online schedule.

If you did a weigh-in at your initial fit testing below are some tips on optimizing your final weigh-in which will be done during the fit testing:

– The day BEFORE your weigh in please do your best to AVOID the following foods:

– Smoked, cured, salted or canned meat, fish or poultry including bacon, cold cuts, ham, frankfurters, sausage, sardines, caviar and anchovies
– Frozen breaded meats and dinners, such as burritos and pizza
– Canned entrees, such as ravioli, spam and chili
– Salted nuts
– Beans canned with salt added
– Buttermilk
– Regular and processed cheese, cheese spreads and sauces
– Cottage cheese
– rice, pasta, bread, potatoes
– adding SALT to food
– Olives, pickles, sauerkraut and other pickled vegetables
– Regular canned and dehydrated soup, broth and bouillon
– Cup of noodles and seasoned ramen mixes
– Soy sauce, seasoning salt, other sauces and marinades
– Bottled salad dressings, regular salad dressing with bacon bits
– Salted butter or margarine
– Large portions of ketchup, mustard

I know this is a big list – all these items have 1 thing in common – a really high sodium content. While that’s not a big deal all the time, for weigh-ins it can be a biggie – namely having them could add 1-3lbs of water weight to your weigh in. Water that won’t stick around more than a day or two, but will mess up results in that short window.

Week 5 Focus and Tips!

Welcome to Week 5 of the Challenge!  So close to the grand finale – great work!

The Focus of this Week is Lifestyle Habits that will help create success!

In this video I discuss the importance of prioritizing sleep (make sure you get your 7-9 hours!) – and HOW to prioritize your sleep.

More tips include having loving guidelines around mealtimes that ensure more success – including always sitting white eating, not eating out of bags/cartons and instead putting food into a bowl/onto plate before eating, only eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied.

And a HUGE one in my life – how to reduce stress by saying “No”

Enjoy this amazing journey!

Week 4 Focus and Tips!

Congrats on the start of Week 4 of the Challenge!

How are you feeling?  Are your new healthy habits becoming easier and hopefully more fun?!  Or are you finding the Challenge to drag on? If so I’d recommend watching “the Middle Slump” video Patrick made and I emailed out last week – here’s the link in case you missed it: Click here

The focus of Week 4 of the Challenge is “tips to get the most out of your workouts”

Here are some thoughts for you to consider on your workouts:

1. ​Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. Not a punishment for what you ate.

​2. If it doesn’t Challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

​3. Every day do something active that your “future self” will thank you for.

​Do any of these resonate with you?  For me they all hit home – but #2 being the biggie in my life.

Bringing all three of those thoughts together provides something I firmly believe if – If you focus on challenging yourself in a fun/celebratory way, you will change in a way that future self WILL thank you.

Remember the bonus this week – Wear 50% of your team colours during a workout and earn an extra sticker on the attendance tracker 🙂



Week 3 Focus and Tips!

We’re in Week 3 – Congrats!!

The Focus of Week 3 is Mindset & Breaking Through Self Sabotage!  One of my absolute favourite quotes is “Whether you think you can, or think you cannot, you’re right” by Henry Ford.  Another way of saying this is “What you believe, you achieve”.  Our focus is to give you tips and tricks needed to have a powerful mindset that will propel you towards your goals.  Our old beliefs that no longer serve us can lead to self-sabotage.

In fitness we challenge ourselves more than we did yesterday.  You have to listen to your BODY, not your brain – and eventually you can make your mind your servant!

Remind yourself of your goals and vision for this Challenge – and remind yourself DAILY!  And remember to focus on and share your wins 🙂


Patrick’s Story of the Crabs 🙂


Week 2 Focus and Tips!

Week 2 of the Challenge focuses on Nutritional Guide posts for Weight Release and Improving your Health!  In this video I discuss: Pre and post workout nutrition, Water, Greens, Cutting down on liquid calories, Smart Carbs, and Healthy Fats

And here are some BONUS VIDEOS on this week’s nutritional focus!

Healthy Fat is Your Friend:

The What the Hell Effect:

Sugar Detox Tips:



This was a huge hit years ago and we’re bringing it back with some new twists – our Challenge Bingo!  We’ve created a fun Bingo sheet for you to print out and work towards completing.

Here’s how it works.  Print the sheet out, review, and as you complete items initial them and let our admin team know – they will verify it’s been completed.

Each line completed will get you 1 entry to a big prize raffle.  There are 12 “lines” in all – five horizontal, five vertical, and two diagonal – so you have the opportunity for up to 12 entries.  And as a bonus – when you fully complete the board and get all 12 lines, you’ll receive 5 additional entries into the draw – so you’ll have 17 chances to win!

Bingo runs throughout the entire 6-weeks so have your bingo sheet ready and visible so you can complete it!

 Click here for your BINGO sheet!


A little talk on weigh-ins, should you wish to do a weigh-in in this program…

We know weigh-ins can be tough on a lot of people – we want to remind you that your initial weigh-in, regardless of what the numbers say, is your starting point only.  You’ve made a big, brave decision to sign up to this program and we know with your commitment you’ll see amazing results.

That said, you need to focus 110% on your fitness, nutrition, sleep (7-8+ hours), and water consumption.  Not your weight or BF%.  Please let us inherit all the worry about the results – we know this program will get you amazing results, but we also know that constantly weighing yourself takes your focus off of what you need to be focusing on!  As such we ask you DO NOT weigh yourself at the studio other than your initial weigh-in and your end-of-program weigh in.  We also ask you to NOT weigh yourself at home.  Again, let us inherit the worry you have about results – the results WILL BE THERE, but you’ve got enough to focus on already.

So please commit, today, to not stepping on the scale more than twice in the next 6-weeks.  At the start of the program, and at the end.  It will make a HUGE difference.  We’ve seen it time and again.  And if requested we are happy to blind fold you for the initial weigh-in (this technique also works wonders for many clients).

No more obsession about the scale!

Now for some tips to accelerate your results 🙂


If you have not been to a fitness studio or been active recently I would recommend aiming to attend 3-4 workouts in Week 1, and 4+ in Week 2 onward.  You’ll want to be pushing yourself 60% of what you feel you can in Week 1 and 70+ in Week 2 onward to let your body adjust to the new routine! If you are a super active person already I recommend attending as many sessions as possible right off the bat with 100% effort!

Please also review our Quickstart Guide – which is meant to answer most of your questions before you’ve even thought of them 🙂  You can find the Quickstart Guide here: Ironside Quickstart Guide for Success

Book your workouts! We use an online and app-based system for booking your workouts.  At the bottom of this page we’ve included full details plus a video tutorial on how to use the system!  We treat your workout appointment like dentist appointments – if you have an appointment, you’ll show up.  If you don’t, life will get in the way.  So please use the online system to manage your bookings!

Arrive Early! Our sessions start always promptly at quarter after, and our end on the hour. Try to arrive 5 minutes early. This will allow you to; not stress about getting a parking spot, get your indoor shoes on, fill up your water bottle, warm up on the cardio equipment, chat with the coach about any modifications you may need, and feel comfortable in the space before the session begins. Being late will result in your missing out on the warm up and key form points for the exercises, which can lead to injury.

Ask questions! If you are ever unclear on an exercise, or it isn’t feel right for you. Ask!! Our coaches are there for you, to make sure that you are getting the most out of the workouts and are doing them safely. And all of the exercises can be modified, if its not feeling right, you have a past or current injury that prevents it from feeling good, let us know!

​Participate in our community! Whether its on Facebook, in studio, or both, staying active within our group of VIP members will help keep you accountable and motivated!  Remember everyone starts somewhere!  Please be sure to click this link to join our private Challenge Facebook group!  We run contests in the group, provide lots of motivation, and more!  Just click this link and request to join, and we’ll approve you as soon as possible –> Click here to request to join


Challenge Nutritional Information! A big part of getting great results in the Challenge is to modify your nutrition.  We’ve provided a variety of options for you to review and consider – please review the information and see what resonates most with you!  We provide a Clean Eating Guide to give you amazing information in a simple way to implement in case a more structured plan just isn’t for you.  Also provided is our Pre and Post workout nutrition tips, and quick tips on things like Water, Healthy Eating at Restaurants, and more!

You can access all the nutritional info here –> Click here


Additional Tips for your Challenge – please review the videos below!

A big part of Ironside Fitness is our community and team work!  To drive that point home we’ve created our Team Challenge as part of your Transformation Challenge!  Patrick explains the Team Challenge below.

Attendance/Accountability Boards!  You’ll see our big attendance boards up in the studio soon – Patrick explains how to use them and what they are all about!

Sleep tips. Sleep is CRITICAL for great results – Patrick explains more in the video below!


At-Home Workouts – follow this link for a supply of amazing at-home (or on-vacation) workouts guaranteed to boost your results!  Click here

Past Week Focus and Tips:

Week 1 Focus and Tips!

Each week of the Challenge has a specific Focus – something I’m passionate about and feel can lead to better results and a happier life!  The Focus this week is Vision, Intention, and Goal Setting!  Please watch my video for more info 🙂

To summarize – at Ironside Fitness we encourage you to focus on what you DO want instead of what you DON’T want.  You need a VISION TO PULL YOU FORWARD NATURALLY versus something trying to push you to completion.  A Vision where you can Enjoy the Journey.

Thoughts to Consider:
– If you don’t know where you want to go, how will you get there?
– What is “winning” for you?
– What is your “Why that makes you cry?” and whey is that important to you?

We encourage you to create your vision and share it publicly in our Challenge Facebook group (post your vision as a comment in my video!)

Bonus – You can earn a bonus “attendance tracker” for writing your goal at the studio, sign your name to it, and tape it to the wall!  We have some colourful paper ready and waiting for you to share.  Once you’ve posted your goal on the wall you can add an extra sticker to the Attendance Tracker (which is one of the things we use for prizing).  As an added bonus write your goal TWICE – once to post on the studio wall and once for you to keep at home somewhere you will see it daily – to reinforce your vision!!

Below is our 30-minute Orientation video doing more of a deep-dive into the Challenge!  Please be sure to watch this one at some point before you begin!


How to Book Your Workout Sessions & Fit Testing:

Both of our studios are available for you to schedule your workouts. You can choose which days and times work best for you and based on your schedule! It can be different times and different days depending on what you have going on week to week! We do recommend that you book in advance so that you can secure the training times that work best for you, as some peak times fill up quickly! You can feel free to book your training for the whole challenge too!

You can review our video tutorial of how to book online here:

Or if you prefer reading the “how to book online” please refer to the info below:

1) Go to www.ironsidefitness.com
2) Click on Silver Springs or West Springs schedule
3) Click “sign up” on the date and time you wish to train at
4) Enter your first name and last name and click “next”
5) We have created an account for you, so once you enter in your name and click “next” the following screen should show your name and have “This is me” next to your name. Click “This is me” as it will appear as a link.
6) Enter your email address that you gave to us or used to contact us by and click “next”
7) The Mindbody software will email you a link to reset you password so that you can book online securely.
8) In the email click on “create new password”. This will bring you to a new screen on your browser.
9) Input a password you will easily remember and press “next”.
10) The system will now log you in and you’ll be able to book online!
11) Click on “sign up now” under the “classes” tab for sessions you would like to attend
12) At the top you can click on the calendar to move forward or click on the right week arrow to move forward in weeks to book ahead!
13) If you click on “My Info”, you’ll be able to see your schedule and visit history!

To book on an iPhone or IPad,
1) Go the your app store and search “Mindbody”.
2) Download the app, it is called “Mindbody”. For iPad users, be sure to search under iPhone apps to get the correct app.
3) Open the app and either continue with Facebook or email
4) If using email, input the email you emailed us with or gave us to set up your account.
5) Either input your password if you have used Mindbody software before (many fitness places use it) or click “forgot password”.
6) At the home page, at the top right you can search “Ironside Fitness” and add it favourites.
7) To book click on Ironside Fitness Silver Springs or West Springs and then schedule. Then tap “Book” beside the session you are interested in. If it says waitlist that means the session is full and you can be added to the waitlist and will be alerted if a space becomes available. If it says call, it is either outside of your booking range for your membership type or it is completely full.
8) If you click on “Schedule” you’ll be able to see all your upcoming sessions and manage them!

For other styles of phones, try doing it this way!
1) Go to your app store, and search “Mindbody”. The correct download will be called “Mindbody – Fitness & Wellness”
2) Install the app
3) Open the app
4) Either continue with Facebook or continue with email. Please use the email you contacted us with or gave us to register.
5) Input a password to use
6) Once you are logged in you can click on the menu on the top left to explore (search “Ironside Fitness”), see you upcoming schedule, and more!
7) If you click explore and then search by clicking the magnifying glass and search Ironside Fitness where it says business name or keyword. You can add it to favourites to find it easily the next time.