Are you Working Hard Enough?!

Are you Working Hard Enough?!

For those of you who had yesterday off.. welcome to a brand new week! I hope that you all had a fun and safe May long weekend! It’s back to reality today for some of you, and speaking of reality.. I have reality check for you all today! Your not working out hard enough!! Okay.. maybe some of you are.. read through my #TrainingTuesday check list to see if you are pushing yourself hard enough during your training sessions!


You can hold a conversation – We want your heart rate to be UP! To get it up your need be breathing hard! You should be able to talk in short phrases but not have a gab session to the person you’re working out next to! If you can hold a full conversation while you are working out, that might not be that safe either! You should be focusing on your form during your workouts to ensure that you aren’t hurting yourself! So focus & work hard!

#TrainingTuesday Working out hard enough?

You aren’t even a little bit sore the next day – When you exercise, you are causing microscopic damage to your muscles. Within 24 hours after your training session you should feel SOMETHING! If you aren’t feeling sore you aren’t lifting up a heavy enough weight! Your body has adapted to the strain your putting on it and is no longer challenged!


You work out at the same intensity all the time – Just like I said before, your body will adapt! So if you are hitting the gym and doing the same routine at the same intensity over and over, your body will be in a rut and you’ll stop seeing results! Change it up all the time! At Ironside Fitness we plan each day of the week to have a different intensity and a different training style so that you body is always kept guessing!


You’re not seeing physical changes – Before we get into this one, I want to say.. How long did it take your body to get where it is now? A year? More? Give it time to get back to where you want it to be!! But you should also be seeing slight changes in your muscle mass and definition as you work harder! So if nothing is changing.. you need to change something. Switch up the routine, work harder, eat cleaner and then re-evaluate!


If you can agree to any of the above statements its time to work harder! At Ironside Fitness our trained fitness coaches will push you to exercise harder and get results faster! And I personally invite you to come try out a free session to experience how we are different! Call us at 403-247-0404 or email us at to reserve your spot today!