Group Training

Group Training

Group training is our most popular fitness program!

Our Groups are a great group workout designed to get you maximum results in half the time as most fitness facilities! Group is designed for all ages and fitness levels! We honestly have clients that have never been in a gym before and are looking to lose 50lbs in the same Groups as athletes looking to build 5lbs of muscle – and we can accommodate this in fun way that is guaranteed to help you achieve your goals!

Group workouts are always fun and rarely repetitive at our studio Рwe make sure you get a brand-new workout every session that is designed to burn fat and build lean muscle! This is the most efficient and effective way to lose body fat and tone your body to get ready for the beach!

And, most importantly, our Groups are designed to be a fun, friend environment where we can meet similar-minded people working to achieve their fitness goals! And because it is a group workout we are able to keep our costs lower – and pass those savings onto our clients!

Our fitness coaches are trained to modify for any existing/nagging injuries so you can get a great, safe workout without risking further injury. So long as you let us know what body part you need modifications for, we are happy to help!

Our coaches are experienced and certified personal trainers – we call them coaches because they do SO MUCH MORE than just a trainer! They are your support and accountability system, and work hard to be aware of all clients injuries and goals.

“Done-for-you” nutritional information is also included in our Group programs! When you sign up for a program you will recieve a TON of great nutritional info designed to support you in your fitness goals! This isn’t a crash diet or something meant to limit what you can eat – better yet; we encourage you to eat a lot – just eating the right things! We provide sample meals plans, grocery lists, 25+ healthy recipes, as well as information on pre and post workout nutrition, and a diet that one of our staff used to lose 30lbs in 10-weeks. All of these documents are designed to be sustainable long-term so you can use the information as building blocks – implementing one idea and when comfortable implementing a second…and then a third…and you can keep implementing them until you have an awesome, healthy, balanced diet!

So if your skinny jeans are still in the back of your closet – or if you want to be comfortable wearing a 2-piece bikini for the first time in years – Group is the right thing for you!


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