Challenge Nutritional Information!


We created this page so you can quickly refer to the nutrition-related information we are included in this Challenge.  Note that we’ve created videos for the two nutritional streams, plus several bonus videos on more nutritional topics that can be used whether you go with Charmaine’s nutritional stream, Patrick’s, or decide to do neither and just stick to the Quickstart Guide tips!

If you have any questions please post them on the Challenge Facebook page so all can benefit – thanks!!

Nutritional Stream – Charmaine’s Joyful Plan

Here’s the info on what Charmaine’s approach includes –> Charmaine’s Approach

Nutritional Stream – Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting info document here –> Intermittent Fasting Guide!

Beverages while doing Intermittent Fasting –> Intermittent Fasting – Beverages (coffee tea alcohol and more)

Useful Nutritional information to get RESULTS whether you follow either of the nutritional streams or not!

Our thoughts on water:

Our thoughts on other beverages:

General Clean Eating Tips –> Clean Eating Guide

Healthy Restaurant Eating Guide PDF –> Ironside Fitness – Guide to Healthy Eating at Restaurants

Quite often when we see clients starting out a fitness regime, which makes them feel healthier, they also want to be healthier in other areas of their lives. One key area lots of people can improve on is their nutrition! Not only will getting your nutrition in line help fuel your better during your workouts, but will also help you feel more energized for the rest of the day and speed up any weight loss goals you may have! Everyone is different in what their body thrives from but we have some clear tips on how to fuel your workout properly here –> Pre and Post Workout Nutrition