Successfully Navigate the Coffee Shop!

Successfully Navigate the Coffee Shop!

I’m not sure what you like to do on the weekend, but I love to catch up with my girlfriends and usually that happens at a coffee shop. And I’m not sure if you know this but the coffee shop can be a clean eating diet disaster zone! For #SuccessSaturday I have great ideas for how to successfully navigate the coffee shop and save your waist line!


  • Don’t go on an empty stomach! This spells disaster in so many different ways! You’ll be so hungry and reach for anything, and mostly everything at the café isn’t good for you! Have a great balanced meal before you go!
  • Call the pastries what they really are! Dessert! A treat! Not breakfast, not a meal, not healthy! And sadly at most café’s they aren’t even fresh! Tehya re filled with gross preservatives! Pastries are made of simple carbohydrates that will jack up your blood sugar, and give you nothing in return for nutritional benefits! Check out the calories next time.. it is not worth it! Try a biscotti instead! Perfect for dunking! The Italians know how to do it! Most café’s carry a small size that will satisfy your sweet tooth but with a smaller amount of calories.
  • Skip the Specialty Coffee Drinks! Grab a plain coffee and add in your own milk and sweetener or try a coffee misto. A misto is similar to a yummy latte but has way less milk! You’ll save calories this way, and because its made with coffee instead of espresso you will actually get more caffeine!
  • Grab a Water! Caffeine is great.. but its dehydrating! So grab a glass of water and compensate for it. This will not only leave you feeling better later and keep your metabolism up, but it will keep your stomach full so you will be less tempted!
  • Or skip the coffee! Sometimes grabbing a coffee with a friend is more of a ritual experience than an actual need for coffee! Try ordering a yummy decaf tea instead, you will still get the great feeling of a warm beverage but for zero calories and no dehydration! My favourite tea right now is a licorice mint tea!

#SuccessSaturday How to Navigate the Coffee Shop!

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