Decode your Cravings!

Decode your Cravings!

Sometimes do you find that you just HAVE TO HAVE something? Your mind just fixates on some type of food group, and you can’t get your mind off it? Well today for #TipThursday I have some tips to decoded your cravings!

#TipThursday Decode your Cravings

Craving Sugar? Often when you are craving sugar your body is low in chromium, carbon, phosphorus, sulfur or tryptophan. Best options to eat instead:

– Grapes or fresh fruit

– Broccoli, green beans, mushrooms, leafy greens, tomatoes, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, sweet potato.

– Seeds, nuts, cheese or legumes

– Turkey or chicken


Craving Chocolate? You need magnesium! Best options to eat:

– Fruit

– Nuts, seeds

– Legumes


Craving Breads or Pasta? You need nitrogen! Best options to eat:

– Meat or fish

– Nuts or beans


Craving Fatty Foods? You need calcium! Best options to eat:

– Yogurt or cheese

– Broccoli or leafy greens


Craving Coffee? You need phosphorus, sulfer or iron! Eat instead:

– Seeds, nuts, or legumes

– Cheese or eggs

– Grass fed red meat

– Kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, cranberries or dark leafy greens


Carbonated Drinks? You need calcium! So eat:

– Broccoli or kale

– Legumes or cheese


Craving Alcohol? You need protein or calcium! So eat:

– Meat, poultry, seafood, or nuts

– Legumes, Cheese, broccoli or kale


Craving Salty Foods? You need chloride! Eat instead:

– Fish

– Unrefined sea salt (great added into your water, just a pinch will do!)


Still having trouble controlling your cravings? Check out my blog from a few weeks ago about how to stop a snack attack!