Did you know?

  • Our average group training client is 30-60 years old. About 75% of our group training clients are women but men love the training too!
  • In each workout we are able to modify safely for challenges and injuries. If you come to us with old injuries/aches/pains we help reduce/eliminate them!
  • Our friendly and enthusiastic Fitness Coaches are Highly Trained and have the knowledge and experience to help you safely and effectively reach your personal goals.
  • Research shows that those who workout in groups get better results in less time than those who workout alone!

More FAQ

What is Group Training?

No whistles, drill sergeants or yelling here! Our studio is all about having lots of fun and encouragement. Some people have a negative association with group training – but what group training is meant to describe is a fun, high energy, and personally challenging exercise program that caters to all levels of fitness. Whether you are starting from scratch, getting back into the swing of things, or already super fit, you will love our workouts!

What do the workouts consist of?

Each workout is set on a different fitness aspect; Muscular endurance day (think higher repetitions), Cardio (getting that heart rate up, sweating lots and incinerating calories), Core and cardio (a combination of exercises targeting the core with lots of moving to get cardiovascular benefits as well) and Muscular strength days (medium weight exercises with shorter sets to help you develop lean muscle mass). All the workouts are designed to challenge different muscles group and have a huge variety of exercises to keep the workouts fun and interesting.

What if I feel I am unfit or have a nagging past injury?

At Ironside Fitness we strive to give every client a challenging workout that fits his or her current fitness level. Every exercise is planned with a modification or two to ease a beginner into the workouts, alternatively the trainers are always happy to give an extra challenge to clients who need it. With respect to injuries we do our best to modify exercises to help rehabilitate the affected area or to avoid it if need be.

I can feel intimidated in a group workout setting, is Group Training for me?

At Ironside Fitness we continually strive to create an accepting and nurturing community during the workouts. By attending the same group training sessions you will create relationships with the fitness coaches and fellow clients that will help to reinforce your motivation and aid in attaining your fitness goals. We are all here for the same reason – self-improvement and making efforts to live a healthier lifestyle. At the end of the day we are all in it together! Research shows that working out in a group leads to better results and better adherence to a fitness regime long term!

Can I fit it in my budget?

While our group training programs are more expensive than a standard gym membership, we work hard to make sure you get all the benefits of having a personal training (form corrections, effective workout planning, motivation, accountability and a uplifting community atmosphere where you are called by name and cared about!) at a fraction of the cost of personal training. By committing to your health and fitness with unlimited group training you will find a huge return on your investment in physical, mental and emotional fitness that will exceed your expectations, we guarantee it! Our programs also include nutritional info to help kickstart your journey!

Women strength training?

That’s right! Studies have shown the women who do strength training like our group training and small groups see a dramatic increase in energy, stamina, strength, and toning, while seeing decreased risks of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. The notion that strength training is not for women is a thing of the past!

Isn’t Group Training for women?

Many men have the impression that group training is a “women’s workout”. And they couldn’t be more wrong! We have a good number of males that train with us and love it!

High intensity strength workouts are great for males and females alike – both will see amazing results in body and mind by attending group training regularly.

Isn’t nutrition important?

Nutrition is hugely important – not just for losing weight or gaining muscle, but for living a healthy lifestyle. Our strong belief in proper nutrition has led us to providing a TON of nutritional information to all of our clients.

To kickstart your health and fitness we provide a sample meal plan, grocery lists, recipes, pre & post workout nutritional information, and a lot of other fun ideas to try!

Our nutritional info is meant to be sustainable, easy, and fun! It is not a rash diet that leads to roller-coaster results, but instead a lot of information that you can implement piece by piece as you are comfortable. This will lead to longer term more manageable changes that you can carry with you the rest of your life.

We also have a Nutritional Coaching program available if you are looking for a more intensive nutritional program – please see the Services tab for more info!

But what about dieting?

We simply do not believe dieting is sustainable in the long-term, and as such we rarely, if ever, recommend our clients go on a diet. Instead we advise to follow the nutritional information that we provide, and use that info as building blocks to a new diet that will fuel your body and mind in a healthy way!

Post workout soreness

The chances are you will be sore after your first few workouts after a long period of inactivity. But don’t worry – the soreness is never as bad as after the first workout! And after working out for a while you will start to thrive off that soreness – it let’s you know you had a great workout!

We are happy to provide some information on decreasing the pain from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS):

1) Warm up properly (before any physical activity) to increase blood flow and prepare your muscles for exercise

2) Take time to cool down and stretch after every workout – stretching all of the muscles you worked will not reduce the pain immediately, but may realign damaged tissue and help prevent stiffness

3) Have a protein filled snack within 30 minutes of your workout to help kickstart the rebuilding and repair of your muscles.

4) Don’t use heat, such as a hot bath, to treat DOMS – you might feel better at the time, but heat increases inflammation in the body and may prolong the pain! Ice is great, 20 minutes at a time at the most.

5) Try to avoid ibuprofen(i.e. Advil)! It actually breaks down muscle so try to manage the pain with other ways and if necessary, opt for acetaminophen(i.e. Tylenol).

6) Massage will help release some of the tension after a workout and is proven to increase blood flow and decrease recovery time.

7) Keep moving!! If your legs are super sore you will actually benefit a ton from going for a walk or a bike ride to help get the blood flowing and you will heal faster than if you just stay sedentary

8) Don’t give up! With regular exercise, the incidence and intensity of DOMS will decrease, as your muscles get accustomed to the new challenges placed on them they will start to adapt.

Supplements – good, bad, and ugly

In addition to following a clean and healthy diet, taking concentrated, high quality and absorbable supplements can greatly speed up your body’s healing processes and help you look and feel way better! No matter how healthy you eat there are likely a few gaps in your diet that can be filled to help you be your best self!!

The truth is that many supplements are loaded with – fillers and junk that make the product ineffective and potentially dangerous. Only high quality and high-grade supplements produce great – results that you can see and feel right away. At Ironside Fitness we use and recommend AOR brand (Advanced Orthomolecular Research) and 7.2 Alkalizing brand supplements. We have searched high and low and AOR and 7.2 continually come out on top in terms of quality, absorbability, impacting people’s lives right away!

The top 3 supplements we recommend for general health are:

1) Protein Powder

2) Multi-Vitamin/Greens Mix

3) Omega 3

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