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Fitness Coaches


Charmaine Ironside

With a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary and a Personal Training certification through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology as well as training as a Medical Exercise Specialist she offers considerable knowledge of the human body leading to safe, effective conditioning and rehabilitative programs helping you regain full function after an injury or degeneration.

Incorporating a fast paced and diverse training style with a focus on core strength, balance, weight loss and nutrition, Charmaine provides functional workout programs designed to better your performance in life and sports.

Charmaine has competed in two Fitness Competitions since May 2012, finishing with a career-best top 5 finish at her October 2013 Competition. Throughout training for her Fitness Competitions Charmaine has learned a lot about dieting on a timeline, bodybuilding, and the Fitness Competition world.

To learn more about Charmaine please see The Origin of Ironside Fitness





Ewa KierasEwaBio_New1

Fourteen years ago, Ewa was involved in a serious car accident and bound to a wheelchair for two years. Treated by many therapists during a long recovery, she continued to suffer from consistent back pain. In 2007, she joined a women’s gym and fell in love with their program – with a big improvement in my posture, core strength, and a decreasing pain level. After 6 months of training, she decided to pursue a professional career in fitness – but her dream job was put on hold. Ewa was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, and underwent a full year of intense chemo, radiation and two major surgeries that put her weight on a roller coaster ride – gaining 25 lbs. The only way to get back on track was to start a workout routine again. She signed up for small group training with Charmaine Ironside and lost all the weight in few months, healed her body, got stronger than ever before, and became the ‘New Me’!!!! Ewa knew this was right time to get back to fitness career.

Ewa has developed a passion for fitness, inspiring and educating people about the benefits of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle to manage weight and overcome chronic pain. She’s CanFitPro Certified as a Personal Trainer; a Nutrition and Weight Loss Specialist; in First Aid and CPR.






Laura Rye

Certified through CanFitPro, Laura’s dedication to fitness is something to be excited about. What started out as a weight loss goal for an upcoming “decade” birthday, quickly became a shift in lifestyle, a half-marathon in Vegas, and a new career.

Laura understands how difficult it can be to find the time for a workout because life is already pretty full. You see, she’s a mother to two young boys, a wife, a homemaker, a cook, a do-er of laundry, a personal shopper, a graphic designer . . . (you can relate, can’t you) – but the moment she declared, out loud and in front of her family, to dedicate an hour a day to just her, regular exercise became possible. After joining Ironside Fitness as a client in January 2014, Laura found her drive and determination – dropped 25 pounds and joined our team as a Certified Fitness Coach. Laura is living proof that you CAN move better, look better, and live better, 45-minutes at a time.









Renette Morela

Renette has loved being physically active from a young age. She trained for years as a dance and participated competitively in gymnastics, basketball, volleyball and soft ball. Completing her Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary has contributed to her growing understanding of the importance of exercise and healthy nutrition. Renette has years of experience getting people of all ages and fitness levels engages in physical activity through her background as a gymnastics instructor, nutrition and exercise educator in schools with ‘NSTEP, and as a fitness and rehabilitation instructor for those with disabilities.

She has a true passion for fitness and can coach with confidence because she really lives the lifestyle. Renette is excited to be a part of the Ironside Fitness community and looks forward to helping you reach you fitness goals!








Amie Sherwin

Amie lives and breathes fitness, starting off her career by becoming certified as a coach through the YMCA. She wanted to give back to the facility and people that helped her get through the early days with three children under the age of a four and a colic baby, but soon realized that her passion to help others achieve their fitness goals went far beyond only instructing a few days a week.

Amie gave up her corporate career in Oil & Gas to stay at home with her children and to pu
rsue her fitness career. Amie has always been involved in sports (triathlons, cycling, hockey, golf, running) and is a self proclaimed “Cardio Junkie” who believes that everyone can make exercise a priority and achieve their fitness goals. Between juggling her kid’s schedules, home life, volunteer duties and training schedules, Amie is usually cycling for a cause whether it be for a charitable organization or “mommy sanity”. Life is short – live, breath and love fitness.








Kelly Kristy

Exercise has always been a big part of Kelly’s life, growing up playing golf, volleyball, basketball and eventually landing a golf scholarship to a Division 1 university in South Carolina – graduating with a degree in Kinesiology.

Since then Kelly has continued to make physical fitness a priority in life. Over the past few years she’s ticketed a few items off her bucket list: ran a half marathon; competed in a fitness and bodybuilding competition
; and received her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification. Now a days, you can find Kelly either teaching or taking a group training session, a yoga class, or at the golf course working on her game!

Kelly is incredibly excited to be joining the community at Ironside Fitness – coaching and motivating you through our creative and highly effective workouts.







Mady McArdle

Beginning at the ripe young age of 3, Mady has always found ways to be active – by participating in soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf, and multiple track events. She spent over half of her life training as a competitive dancer and is now a certified junior and intermediate level acrobatic dance teacher.

After years of being an assistant dance teacher she discovered her passion to motivate and inspire others to reach their full potential. She continues to expand her knowledge and love of physical activity by continuing her Kinesiology degree, with a major in Mind Sciences, at the University of Calgary. As a certified Personal Trainer through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, Mady is excited to begin a new chapter in her life and looking forward to being a part of the Ironside Fitness team!










Cheryl Vianzon

Cheryl has been part of Ironside Fitness West Springs since Day 1 – starting as a karma staff member, then joining the administrative team, and now a member of the coaching team!

With a Bachelors Degree in Nursing from the University of Manitoba, Cheryl came to Calgary to work in the Foothills Hospital Neuroscience unit. She has also completed Basic Officer Training with the Canadian Forces, belonging to the 15 Field Ambulance Calgary detachment. Cheryl’s passion for living an active lifestyle and love for preventative health care has led her to the world of Personal Training.

Even as a full-time mother to three children, Cheryl is actively involved in group training, badminton, volleyball, golf, yoga, and wall climbing. Her generous, kind and tenacious spirit at the front desk or on the floor will leave you feeling inspired and motivated.Fitness_logo

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