It’s Impossible to Progress without CHANGE!

It’s Impossible to Progress without CHANGE!

Happy Monday everyone! It’s the last Monday of May! Can you believe how time is flying by? If summer being right around the corner isn’t motivation enough.. bathing suits, shorts, tanks tops! Then I’ve got some motivation for you today on #MotivationMonday!

#MotivationMonday Change!

When is the last time you truly made a change?

You may have a goal to lose weight, or fit into your jeans. How will you get there if you continue on the same path? Something has to change! Your fitness habits. Your eating habits. The way you deal with stress. The way you talk to yourself!

This week I challenge you to make a change. Add one more workout this week! Push harder and pick up a heavier weight than you’ve used! Cut out one snack during the day, or reduce your portion size! Swap that sugar filled drink with a nice glass of pure hydrating water! Do something that relaxes you when your stress that doesn’t involve food!

If you want to have success and make progress, you have to change something! Change is uncomfortable and that is why most of us shy away from it, but it’s the only way!

If this isn’t motivation enough for you.. I invite you to stop into either of the Ironside Fitness studios for a group training session and let our fitness coaches inspire and motivate you!