Meet the Trainer – Ewa Kieras!

Meet the Trainer – Ewa Kieras!

#TrainerTuesday Ewa Kieras


If you haven’t officially met Ewa Kieras.. you’ve probably at least heard her! Ewa brings GIANT energy to every class she teaches and uses her polish accent to motivate you to work harder than ever before! We even had to get Ewa a microphone because she was loosing her voice so often! I am so excited for you to meet Ewa Kieras, she is a huge inspiration to me and everyone at the studio! Ewa trains at our Silver Springs location Monday mornings, Tuesday all day, Wednesday evenings, Friday mid mornings and some Saturdays! I encourage your to check out one of her sessions, she will motivate you and make you have so much fun during your workout!!

Why did you get in to health & fitness industry?

During the recovery after my car accident in 2000 I gained 30 lb. and was told I’ll never walk again without a cane. I knew the only answer for me to get better and loose all the weight was get back to the gym and start exercise again. I met Charmaine Ironside while working out at the gym and joined her small group sessions. This was the big turn around in my life. I lost all extra weight, was able to keep it off and become personal fitness coach.


What is your favorite exercise?

My favorite exercise is butterfly crunch.


What is your tip for beating food cravings?

To control my food cravings I make sure to stay hydrated during the day, have healthier food alternatives in my fridge like fresh berries, fresh veggies, nuts and brush my teeth after last meal of the day.


What is your favorite way to relax?

The best way for me to relax is go for a long walk or run with my dog or read a good book.