Nutrition Coaching

Ironside Fitness Holistic Nutrition 4 Week Jumpstart


Are you?

  • Feeling disappointed after many failed diets?
  • Having difficulty losing stubborn weight?
  • Out of control with your eating? Sugar cravings that won’t go away? Digestive issues?
  • In need of some renewal in how you view food? Stressed?
  • Having trouble staying on track with a nutrition plan?
  • Sick of all the information out there and just want a simple plan to follow?
  • In need of accountability and support when it comes to food? Would you like to have someone standing beside you and encouraging you each step of the way?


Ironside Fitness Nutrition Coaching might just be for you!

A proper diet contributes to 70 to 80% of weight loss success – our nutritional coaching will help you get on track, stay on track, and achieve the body you want! Our nutrition coaching has helped clients lose an average of 7lbs and 2” to 3” from the waistline in their initial month. And best of all the nutritional plan is FUN and SUSTAINABLE – not a crash diet that may lead to weight gains immediately after finishing the nutritional coaching program!


Our Nutritional Coaching programs include:

  • An interactive nutrition lesson packed with information on Holistic Nutrition for weight loss and health and how to incorporate changes joyfully into your life.
  • Body composition assessment including weigh in and measurements so we can track progress.
  • Personalized nutrition plan made for you that is sustainable and based on your body, lifestyle, goals, and allergies.
  • Permanent weight loss and improved health through manageable changes you make each week based on regular email tips provided.
  • Check-in after 3 to 4 weeks to keep accountability high including weigh in and measurements and help dealing with obstacles in a constructive way to help you reach your goals!
  • Handouts, grocery lists, recipes, and meal plans to assist you in making the transition to a healthier you!
  • Weekly personalized food log analysis, feedback, and support.
  • Unlimited email access with our Nutritional Coaching staff, who are certified nutritionists.
  • The option to continue at a reduced rate after your initial month.

What are you waiting for? A healthier, leaner you awaits through our Nutritional Coaching program!

We keep it simple and make the information we teach easy to incorporate right away and we are with you every step of the way!

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