Secrets To Rapid Fat Loss

Secrets To Rapid Fat Loss

Shedding pounds overnight may seem like something out of a children’s book. But fast and furious weight loss doesn’t come to you courtesy of magic, fairy godmothers, handy little elves, or dreams. They come via knowledge, dedication, and lots of sweat. The use of a personal trainer can also be very helpful with your journey of weight loss!

So if you play your cards right, you’ll can lose all the weight you want without ever consulting a genie or a fancy-hatted wizard. Take the steps seriously and you’ll even be able to drop unwanted pounds without compromising your good health in the short- and long-term.

Ready to learn a few tried-and-true ways to get your weight down and your confidence up in a matter of a few weeks? Here we go!

Secret 1: Work Out More

It is recommended that to remain healthy, you should get 30 minutes of exercise three to five days a week. Unfortunately, if that’s all the time you’re spending in the gym, that’s not going to cut it if your goal is rapid fat loss.

Instead, you’re going to have to increase the amount of time you spend in the gym pumping iron, swimming laps, running on the treadmill, working on the stair stepper, and riding the stationary bicycle.

If you usually spend 30 minutes in intense exercise a few days a week, double it to 60 minutes, and do it every day of the week. It may seem difficult the first couple days, but your body will adjust. Just be careful—if you’re already pushing yourself pretty hard for an hour or so, you can’t double your time in the gym unless you plan on eating right before or during your workout. Otherwise, your body will crash pretty quickly, leaving you with fatigue that will make it hard to return to the gym tomorrow and ultimately cause you to reduce your fat-burning abilities.

Secret 2: Stay Active Elsewhere

Burning fat means more than working out a lot. You’ll also need to modify your habits at home, work, and beyond. This means parking in no-man’s land so you can walk an extra 100 steps to get inside the grocery store, taking the steps instead of the elevator, and firing your lawn boy so you can push the mower yourself.

It also means dropping for 20 quick push-ups or sit-ups before and after company meetings and going for a walk when you find yourself getting bored and thinking of all the fattening foods you could enjoy as you watch your favorite television shows. In other words, rapid fat loss depends on you being very intentional in your quest for a more active lifestyle that encompasses every aspect of your daily routine.

Secret 3: Eat Better

For maximum fat loss, you’re going to also have to pay very close attention to what you eat. Charmaine Ironside is a holistic nutritionist from Calgary who strongly believes in the benefits of clean eating! While you may be accustomed to rewarding yourself for a good week or two of dieting, you can’t do that any more if you want rapid fat loss. Because trimming down fast means trading out anything and everything that doesn’t benefit your body for useful foods filled with vitamins and nutrients that power up your body and don’t slow it down.

Thinking of having canned pasta tonight? Trade it for whole-wheat pasta that you make yourself. Have a love for whole milk? You’re going to have to go skim if you want to get slim. Feel the need to cap off your meals with just a bite of something sweet? Your sweet tooth is going to have to go hungry for a while.

Essentially, you need to eat a diet based on fruits and vegetables. Toss in some egg whites and skinless chicken breasts, fish, and soy products, and you’ll be well on your way to eating a diet worthy of fast fat reduction.

You’ll also want to avoid foods that increase your body’s water retention. By shaving the salt and starch out of your diet, you should be able to experience noticeable weight loss in a matter of days.

Secret 4: Eat Less

While you’re swapping out your fat-filled foods for low-fat alternatives and trading out your desserts for fresh fruit, you should also attempt to eat less food overall. The lowest amount of calories you can eat healthily is 1,050 a day, though 1,200 is a recognized norm that dietitians consider safe for the average Joe or Jo to try at home.

In order to reduce the amount of calories and fat you consume each day, you’ll need to take three steps. First, drink more water. How much? How about half a gallon more than you’re drinking right now. An easy way to make the increase is by drinking a tall glass of water before sitting down for your meals. This helps you feel fuller and makes it easier to cut back on the calories you consume at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Second, increase the number of times you eat from three to five or six. Just like drinking more water, eating more often (as long as the meals are smaller than your typical breakfasts, lunches, and dinners) causes your body to feel full throughout the day. Ultimately, this prevents you from accidentally getting so hungry that you throw all your hard work away on two cheeseburgers and a pile of greasy fries that are calling out your name.

And for a last tip, only eat when you’re sitting down at a proper dining room table. Don’t spend much time sitting down for meals? Then you’ll either be really hungry or learn to make time for sit-down meals. This tip isn’t to force you to slow down and enjoy your meals, though that is a nice perk. Rather, it’s to keep you from eating more than you realize. It’s much more difficult to keep track of your calorie and fat intake when you’re on the move. By sitting down, you can write down what you’re eating and can make sure you’re not eating more than you ought.

Secret 5: Consult Your Physician

At the end of every article that suggests a change in your exercise routine, the author is always careful to encourage you to “Check with your physician before making any lifestyle changes.” The reason behind this is simple. If you’ve been living a sedentary lifestyle, a sudden change in what you do with your body can have negative consequences.

This may seem strange since exercise is good for you, but when your body is accustomed to no exercise, the stress you put on your body can be hazardous to your body, particularly your heart and joints.

But regardless of what kind of shape you’re in, checking with your physician when you’re about to embark upon a weight-loss journey is important. Your physician may have specific suggestions based on your unique health history that will help you burn fat faster. And if you’re having trouble dropping weight despite increasing the amount and intensity of exercise and decreasing the useless calories you consume, your doctor can determine if the problem is rooted in something more serious, such as a thyroid disease and diabetes.

Secrets Not So Secret

Hoping for some new, exciting ways to lose fat fast? Feel cheated because you already knew about these rapid fat loss secrets? Then take this challenge: Try these tips out for three months and see how you feel!

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      Hi! There is no way to lose weight in a specific spot, it all comes off at different times and ways. Cardio is a great way to lose unwanted fat, running, making sure you get in 10,000 steps a day, power health foods, and working those muscles with strength days. If you do all of this you will eventually lose all of the unwanted belly fat. Overall you will begin to lean out.