#SetItUpSunday – Excuses are Incompatible with Results!

#SetItUpSunday – Excuses are Incompatible with Results!

This may be a little harsh today, but it has to be said.. if you aren’t getting results you are probably making excuses!

Excuses come in a wild variety and never cease to amaze me in their creativity.

Sometimes your excuses probably sound pretty similar to the excuses your teen gives you for not cleaning their room or getting their homework done.

But it all boils down to not taking responsibility for our own actions or lack there of.

Be real with yourself!

If your goal is to lose weight, and you aren’t having success, what are you doing to stand in your way of that success?

Are you not eating in align with your goal, replenishing your body with sufficient fresh water daily, exercising to your potential, getting ample rest, controlling your stress and balancing your time so that you have time to take care of yourself?

Unless you can truthfully answer with a big YES to all of these, then there is an excuse going to follow the NO.

Why? Why excuse your way around the success that you deserve?

If it is your goal there should be no excuse that prevents you from achieving it! You set your goals because they are important to you. Why let an excuse take that away from you?

Stop with the excuses today!

If you aren’t shedding the weight because your secretly snacking at night. Be honest about it. The sooner you can realize what you are doing to sabotage yourself, the faster you can turn it around, release the excuse and enjoy success!

Take note of how many times a day you spoon feed yourself excuses so you don’t have to take responsibility for the lack of progress you are making with your important goals.

And then STOP!

Release the excuses and find the results!

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