#SetItUpSunday – Get Real, Eat Real! 

#SetItUpSunday – Get Real, Eat Real! 

I want you to think about what you ate yesterday.

How much of it looked like something you could pull out of a garden?

And how much of it had plastic wrap on it?

Our modern world is plagued by disease and obesity. For the most part, things that our grandparents never even knew about.


Because they ate different than we do today. They moved their bodies differently than we do today.

In our world of convenience, fast paced, no time to cook, no time to prep, we’ve forgotten what real food is!

Real food is typically found around the outside of the grocery store.

Fresh eggs, real carrots, crispy lettuce.

Not in the center aisle where you just have to zap it for few minutes to bring it to life.

But why am I stressing this on you?

Our bodies understand whole foods, they digest better and are assimilated into healthy nutrients which can rebuild of cells more effectively!

When we eat whole foods, we get the highest amount of nutrients possible, those wonderful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals!!

Processed food lacks these items. And are too often crammed full of filler to make them cheaper to make, but more lethal to our system!

Would you rather the nutrients of carrot rebuild the cells of your eyes tomorrow, or those of a frozen dinner?

#SetItUpSunday - Real Food
Think about how your grandma or grandpa used to cook. Their meals didn’t come out a microwave. They picked the freshest ingredients and they took the time to prepare them for their family to enjoy and thrive from!

Did your grandparents know the word organic? And its relation to their groceries?


Because farming practices have changed. In an effort to produce more faster, we know have excessive amounts of pesticides on our produce, which some studies have proven to have an impact on our health.

Your grandparents didn’t have to know about the Dirty Dozen (12 highest pesticide laden produce items) or the Clean Fifteen (15 lowest pesticides laden produce items). But we do.

We have to be aware of these things so that we can make the healthiest choices for our family and ourselves.

This week, get real with your food. Know where it came from, what’s on it, and why it’s good for you!

Remember what you eat rebuild your body tomorrow, choose wisely!