#SetItUpSunday – Instead of this.. Pick that!!

#SetItUpSunday – Instead of this.. Pick that!!

msg-137609989825Your eating clean Monday to Friday, but then the weekend hits. Or a party comes up. Or a long anticipated vacation.. And your clean eating flies out the window.. I’ve done it, you’ve done it. But how do we stop with the yo yo? How do we stay on track while still living our lives?!

Make better choices!

Oh wow, that sounds easy! Not! If it was really that simple, wouldn’t we have figured it out by now

Probably, but maybe we are overcomplicating it!

To stay on track it can be as simple as making simple swaps that allow you to indulge but still keep you accountable to your goals! Here’s what I mean;

– If your out at an Italian eatery, choose a pasta with a tomato based sauce rather than a cream based one. You’ll save calories and have less fat & dairy in your meal! You can even ask for extra veggies to get your vegetable intake up!

– If your grabbing a coffee, skip the sugar loaded beverages and save yourself a LOT of calories by getting a cafe misto (coffee & milk) with a flavour shot!

– If your out for drinks, go for clear liquid and water with lemon or lime for your mix instead of pop and caramel coloured liquors!

– If your at a family dinner or buffet, fill your plate once, instead of heading back time and time again! Pick what you want, load it up if you want to, but only one plate and eat it mindfully!

– If your heading to the movies, instead of grabbing that salt and fake butter covered popcorn, air pop your own at home!

– If your on a road trip, pack some cut up fruit and veggies, maybe a protein shake or mix up some chicken salad before you head out instead of being starved and grabbing whatever you see first at the gas station!pick this



The options are endless! You know how to eat clean! Just make the better choice! Remind yourself of your goals and why you are eating clean, and eat mindfully while you do so! Weekends, vacations and special events or just daily living don’t have to be the reason your thrown off your game!