#SetItUpSunday – Maximize your Weakness!

#SetItUpSunday – Maximize your Weakness!

You know that thing in your life that you think ‘I can’t do anything about that, its just how it is’.. Well this week we are challenging you to change that! That weak point in your body, or career or any other area of your life! #SetItUpSunday Maximize

Maybe you have a shoulder injury and so you don’t do push ups, well this week we want you to focus your attention on making that shoulder your strong point!! Not your weak point any more!

Or maybe you have a hard time speaking in front of a group, this week you will do the work and put yourself into situations that allow you to work on that and make yourself an amazing public speaker!

Your weakness can be changed into your strengths if you put in the work! Find a coach or mentor to educate you! Make time to work on it! And commit to it!!

With work & dedication your weaknesses will be no more! It’s just up to YOU!!

YOU have to put in the work!YOU have to change your mindset and believe in yourself!

Because YOU create your life! YOU are in charge of how your life turns out! Make the changes, make the time and make it happen!!


I want to hear what your weak point is that you are going to maximize this week!