#SetItUpSunday – Move it!

#SetItUpSunday – Move it!

What happens when you move your body?

Well for most of us when we move our bodies, they function better. Our colons needs movement to function properly, our heart & lungs are healthier when there is some stress placed on them, our minds are refreshed with fresh oxygenated blood and make better decisions! Our muscles get stronger and better protect our bones, our joints are lubricated and stiffness is relieved, and our stress levels are decreased.

So my question for you is, why aren’t you moving your body more?

Moving your body doesn’t mean running a marathon, hiking everest or lifting 200 pounds! Moving body means; going for a walk, biking around the neighbourhood, attending a zumba class, meeting up with a friend for a training session, dancing, or whatever makes you happy!!

This week I want you to COMMIT to moving EVERY day!


When you move your body daily;

– your stress hormone levels decrease, putting less stress on your heart & head#SetItUpSunday Move your Body!

– your endorphin levels rise, giving you a blissful feeling everyday

– you will think clearer, make more rational & better decisions

– you’ll have more energy and sleep better

– positive attracts positive, moving everyday will result in more positive choices

– your body will feel better, lighter and function normally

– you’ll set a good example for those around you and inspire anyone watching you

– after moving you’ll naturally want to make healthier choices


I don’t see a downfall from moving every day! So lets make the commitment to each other and move everyday this week! You choose the activity and you reap the positive rewards!!