#SetItUpSunday – Prepare to Zen

#SetItUpSunday – Prepare to Zen

Different Ways to Zen “Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.”


Let’s face it, our lives nowadays are hectic. We can do our very best to simplify them but rarely is that a possibility with the demands placed on us (or that we place on ourselves). So what do we do? Burn out because we don’t get enough sleep, because we burn the candle at both ends? Get sick because we don’t take the time to take care of our bodies and nourish them properly. Or.. deal with it?!

I like that idea! But how?

There are so many ways to deal with all of the stress in our lives, personally I like to get up before the world wakes up and take time to myself to meditate and set intentions for myself and the day. But for you it may be different!

#SetItUpSunday Zen

Here are some ideas;

– Take it one step at a time! Keeping it simple and focusing on one task a time will not only speed up how fast you accomplish tasks but you’ll do them better! Clear the distractions on your desk, including phones and email notifications, and finish the task at hand. And then move onto checking your email, or whatever is next on the to do list.

– Simplify! Sometimes you actually need to say NO! Because saying yes, will not allow you to do the things that are really important to you. If you say yes to more hours, you’ll have less time at home with your loved ones. If you say yes to every invitation, you’ll have no time to yourself to take care of yourself! Learn to say no to commitments that aren’t beneficial for YOU!

– MOVE! Oh ya exercise is AMAZING at reducing stress! You know all about it don’t you!! The positive endorphin release, plus the health benefits.. its all great stuff! Try to do something everyday, it can be different everyday! Play your favourite sport, go for a walk, hit the gym, whatever works for you!

– Calm down! Okay easier said that done, but here are some ideas; take a nap (holy heck you might just be very tired!!), have a bath (add in some essential oils to speed up the relaxation!), read your favourite novel, meditate, or whatever works for you! For some people yard work or gardening is relaxing, find your thing! And do it more often! Prioritize it!

– Figure out your Finances.. Ya not fun! But so much of our stress comes from money. Can you automate bill payments so you don’t have to worry about remembering to pay them? Can you cut back on spending in certain areas and cut back on any debt you may be racking up? If you can sit down and figure out how to live really comfortably within your means, your health and mind with thank you!

– Laugh!! Oh laughter really is the best medicine! Maybe watch a comedian on YouTube, or play with your kids and watch them be hilarious (kids are funny ALL the time!). Whatever it is for you, laugh a little or a lot!

– Get creative! Being creative shifts how our brain works, and lets us leave the hardships of reality for a while! And sometimes while you are being creative your brain will find new ways to do things or solutions to a stubborn problem! Maybe you could write, play music or try out one of those adult colouring books!


– Declutter! Or just plain old clean! Getting your space back a comfortable state can do wonders for your stress levels! Maybe it isn’t fun (it actually is super fun for me!!) but it will be worth it! How nice would it be to come home and have your house be a relaxing space?

– Be early! What?! How many times have you been racing to get somewhere on time or not too late.. and felt your heart race? ya its not good for you! Schedule better, and arrive early. You’ll be so relaxed!!


I hope that this week you can try some of these tips, and tomorrow I will share my personal routine for beating stress on hectic days!