#SetItUpSunday Raise Your Baseline!

#SetItUpSunday Raise Your Baseline!

If you have ever tried to lose weight you probably know what a plateau is. The number on the scale, or the point where your body settles in and doesn’t budge. Well we not only have plateaus with our weight! We have plateaus in our careers, relationships, goals, happiness and life in general!

Why do we settle into these plateaus for YEARS??

Comfort, safety, or security.

But what happens when we settle into these plateaus? When we no longer push ourselves to try new things, or put ourselves in vulnerable situations?

What happens when we come into the gym each day and lift the same weight and do the same intensity? Do we progress?

#SetItUpSunday Baseline

This week we are challenging you to raise your baseline! Because.. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

This week, go out and do something to raise your baseline! Either lift heavier at the gym, push harder than you think you can. Or try an activity that is a bit daunting to you but interests you! Challenge yourself at work by taking on a more difficult project!

You’ll be SO impressed with what you can do when you TRY!

There is also so much research done on our happiness levels and how 40% of happiness is determined by INTENTIONAL activity! Happiness therefore does not just happen, we have to DO things and try things and push ourselves to create happiness for ourselves!