#SetItUpSunday – You Snooze YOU Lose!

#SetItUpSunday – You Snooze YOU Lose!

Be real with me, how many mornings do you hit the snooze button?

WHY do you start the day that way?

Do you realize that by hitting the snooze button your FIRST action of the day is one of procrastination?

That is no way to start the day!

Snooze you Lose

After that massive stall to the start of your day sets the tone that the 1st goal you set for the day is unimportant. That the choice you made to get out of bed and begin your day, on time, is not valued.

And from that, how are any of the other goals you set for yourself going to be achieved?

Why not change that pattern?

Why not set a positive tone of accomplishment FIRST thing in the morning?

Set your alarm, wake up and get up when it goes off.

Use that positive step to fuel the rest of your decisions for the day!

Creating the positive habit of waking up without repeatedly hitting the snooze button, creates more space in your life for more positive habits to flourish!

And we all want more of that!
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