#SuccessSunday – Inspire a friend!

#SuccessSunday – Inspire a friend!

This week our focus & challenge to you is to be an inspiration!! There are so many ways to be an inspiration, but the BEST way, is to be authentic, walk the walk, be a beacon of light and share your story truthfully!

And to be quite honest, if you are reading this, you are an inspiration to someone around you! Just by taking the time to read something positive and something that is going to challenge you to be better, is a step of progress!

inspiration #SuccessSunday


So don’t be daunted by this challenge! Being an inspiration is a lot easier than you think!! Here are some different ideas;

– bring a delicious & healthy item to a work potluck. Maybe they’ll recreate it at home!

– ask a friend to join you for your workout or a walk. Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to fitness and need a ‘hand to hold’ to get them to take the first steps!

– practice healthy eating in front of your children. Monkey see, monkey do!

– choose to do an active activity in the evenings instead of watching TV. Help your family form healthy habits!

– honour yourself, and be ‘selfish’ by honouring your scheduled workouts. Others will feel empowered to do that same!

#SuccessSunday Inspiration

There are millions of ways to inspire a friend, family member or loved one to make small healthy changes that add up to big results! And by living a healthy life, walking the walk, you are doing that everyday!

This week, we challenge you to bring TWO new friends to your workout! Have a friend who always seems curious about what you do to stay active? Bring them! Have a friend who want to workout but is to nervous to? Bring them! Have a family member who wonders where you disappear to every night? Bring them!! (they’ll also be pretty impressed by what you can do at the gym!!)


But maybe you are wondering why.. Why should I inspire someone? Well think about it this way, if you inspire your nearest and dearest to be healthy, positive, goal oriented and happy.. they will in turn do the same for you! Because we are human, we will stumble and it is best to have people around you who will pick you up and get you back to where you were!!


Let us know how you are being an inspiration, positive thinker, healthy do-er this week!!