The Origin Of Ironside Fitness

The Origin of Ironside Fitness

Ironside Fitness Inc. was founded in 2011 by Charmaine Ironside.

Charmaine was a former National Team athlete for Canada in Halfpipe Snowboarding and was on track to be in the 2010 Winter Olympics until a severe injury crushed her Olympic dream.

After completing her extensive rehabilitation from her injury, and knowing the 2010 Olympics was out of the question, Charmaine’s focus became applying her love of fitness into a way of helping other people lead healthier lives!

Charmaine then completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology at University of Calgary and became a Certified Personal Trainer and nutritionist – and started to develop her personal training skills by working with clients of all ages and fitness levels, and by gaining many additional certifications.

One on one personal training was Charmaine’s initial focus until 2012 when she started a Small Group Training program to help many clients at once reach their fitness goals in a more affordable way! It was a trial at first, but Charmaine and her clients found that the group setting created a more fun workout environment, and that clients were reaching their goals faster than with one on one training!

Charmaine then incorporated Ironside Fitness and started hiring staff to help her reach Ironside Fitness’ goal of reaching 5,000 people and helping them lead a healthier lifestyle by 2016.

In January 2014 Ironside Fitness opened the doors to our first stand-alone location in Silver Springs. Within two months the studio was packed with clients working hard, having fun, and melting away stubborn weight that they could not get rid of for years.

In June 2014 our second stand-alone location was opened in West Springs – it was opened so soon after our first location to really accelerate our mission to help 5,000 people by 2016!

Ironside Fitness has appeared on local television shows, magazines, trade shows, and more! We have helped hundreds of clients lose thousands of pounds – and more important a ton of inches from their waist, and helping people feel more comfortable in their own skin!

Our mission to reach 5,000 people continues – but we are getting closer every day!

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