#WednesdayWisdom – Eat to Live!

#WednesdayWisdom – Eat to Live!




As you may know, 9 months ago I had my daughter Kennedy. 8 months ago, early August in 2015, 1 month after my daughter was born, I had a photo shoot done to document my body post-pardum. During my pregnancy my weight crept up as I indulged and enjoyed a lot of amazing foods. I don’t have any regrets about it, as it was a very joyful time, but I did learn a lesson about eating without control or mindfulness. So after giving birth I had about 40 extra pounds to release and I wasn’t feeling good in my body. But I knew that in order to release those extra pounds, I needed to do it in a slow & steady way, no crash diet like I had done in the past, but something that would be maintainable long term. As someone who has dieted from age 12, and has had body image issues from that time, I know that crash & fad diets don’t work. So in August 2015 I started my journey at about 180 lbs, as a fitness studio owner and new mom, I was really tired & really stressed. I actually was eating cake every night! Something had to change!!

So here is how I went from 180 – 145 lbs COMFORTABLY! And comfortably is a key word, I am at a place where I don’t feel restricted or starved, but comfortable in my eating habits and body!

Here are the 5 keys to my success:

1) Self care and self love time – I had to start valuing self care, as I found out that operating from a depleted place did not make me a good fitness coach, mom, wife or friend, and it certainly didn’t leave any energy for me to work on myself! I started being selfish, taking time for myself by going for massages, going for walks, spending time by myself and not feeling guilty for it.

2)Awareness of the reasons for eating (mainly emotional!) – For much of my life, I have lived to eat. I was obsessed and addicted to food, it was my way of soothing myself. Whether it be because I am sad, lonely, happy or any emotion, I could find a way to make it a cause to eat. The first step for me, that you can use as well, it to recognize why you are eating! Is it because you are hungry? Great! Is it because you are tired or sad, good! Recognizing it is the first step. Then you can move onto other more productive behaviors after you’ve been able to recognize the habit.

3)Goal setting from a place of self love and wanting more out of myself and life – I had to shift myself from setting goals from a place of self hate (I have to lose 10 pounds because I hate my thighs, etc.) which has led me to great short term success, but never stuck. But by making goals from a place of self love, equal long term success and better motivation!

4)Eating clean most of the time and being mindful as I eat – As you may know, weight loss success mainly comes from your nutritional habits. For me, eating 80% clean, real, healthy, nutrient dense meals and then 20% having my joy meals & food, helps me stay in balance & not feel deprived. In doing this, you’ll still be able to have great results this way but also have balance and enjoy your food! And when you do have your 20% & joy meals, don’t feel guilty about it! When you feel guilty or negative about it your insulin responses increase, which will cause you to gain weight! So when it is time to have your 10-20% joy meal or food, make sure you eat mindfully and enjoy it!

5) Exercising effectively 4 days a week plus getting in movement where I can! – Of course, to get to my dream body I had to exercise! For me I exercised 3-4 times a week for 45 minutes at my studios. I take a lot of pride in the exercises and training program I have developed, as over 5 years I have never repeated the same workout twice, which helps to constantly challenge the body and never get a plateau! And if I can’t make it to the studio, as I am with Kennedy a lot now! I’ll go for a run with her in the chariot, do lunges, squats, or pushups! I don’t ever make excuses that I can’t do it or I don’t have time! I always find a way!


If you have any questions about this or emotional eating, please email me at training@ironsidefitness.com