Workouts at Ironside Fitness

Our workouts at Ironside Fitness

Our workouts are expertly planned by past National Team Snowboard Athlete, Kinesiologist, Fitness coach, and Medical exercise specialist Charmaine Ironside along with our amazing team of fitness Coaches.

You will never see the same workout twice here at Ironside Fitness, which will make sure you don’t plateau in your fitness goals. Plus you are sure to love the variety from a new workout every day!

The workouts are designed to give you optimal results in minimum time with proper muscle recovery and a guarantee that all muscle groups will be covered throughout the week.

We recommend starting at 3x a week and working up from there as desired. Whether you are able to attend 3x a week or 6x you will get an effective week of training.

Ironside Fitness is an all-inclusive fitness and wellness training program where you work with one of our expert personal fitness coaches in group format. This eliminates the intimidation of traditional one-on-one training and allows you to get the best training available at a fraction of the cost. You receive up to 6 unique training sessions per week, detailed nutritional guidance and 1 on 1 support, bi-monthly progress tracking, along with access to us for support at any time. We provide everything you need to reach your goals, you will NEVER walk into the studio without knowing exactly what you are going to do that day.
 This is not your typical group class, or bootcamp –  you get the individualized attention and focus of personal training with the motivation and fun of a support group!  The workouts are fun and creative so you will never do the same workout twice, this way you don’t get bored and neither does your body (bored body=plateau in results)!

This program is a fun, results guaranteed and you will start to feel like part of our fitness family in no time! Just ask one of our current participants!

Your fitness level does not matter, you WILL get results no matter what fitness level you are at. Shoot us an email and try the program for an entire week at no risk to you plus receive a complimentary body transformation consultation with one of our fitness experts.

Periodization for RESULTS at Ironside Fitness

At Ironside fitness we periodize our training so you are improving on distinct aspects of fitness at different times. We use solid and recognized scientific principles (not trends or fads) so you don’t over-train or reach a plateau. Our workouts aren’t just randomly thrown together, but are tailored with specific physiological systems and skills in mind. You will constantly be challenged in various areas while allowing proper recovery to get maximum results. We focus on something different each day including endurance, cardio, strength and flexibility and no workout is ever repeated! This is the best type of periodization for RESULTS in strength gain, muscle development and improved body composition.

Weekly Workout Focus
Monday – Muscular Endurance & Cardio
Tuesday – Core & More
Wednesday – Cardio & Stretch
Thursday – Muscular Strength
Friday – Core & More
Saturday – Cardio & Stretch

What do those Workout focus’ mean?

Endurance and Cardio Focus  

This is always guaranteed to be a fun, dynamic, full-body sweat session! We focus on muscular endurance by including a variety of multi-joint movements that target multiple muscle groups in a single exercise (ex. lunge with a bicep curl). We then throw in some short, high-intensity cardio intervals to ensure your heart rate remains elevated throughout the workout. Mondays at Ironside are guaranteed to tone your muscles and torch calories not only during the workout but even up to a day after the session!

Core and Weak Point Focus

These workouts focus on the abdominals and midsection plus one other area that most people have some degree of weakness in (wrists, rotator cuff, back, etc.)  You will experience lots of core toning exercises, strengthening common weaknesses to make sure you move better in life and also some fun cardio to keep the calories burning!

Cardio and Stretch Focus

The first 2-third of these sessions focus on cardiovascular training. It includes an ever-changing mixture of challenging but fun intervals guaranteed to get your heart rate up safely and effectively. These workouts sure beat slogging it out on the treadmill and your RESULTS will be a lot better too! Come ready to work hard and get your sweat on but remember the treat at the end…the sessions always finish with a long and relaxing full-body stretch allowing you to reap the benefits of increased flexibility.

Strength Focus

On strength day we focus on 4 muscle groups (which change week to week) in a slower-paced but powerful workout! We encourage heavier weights and increased attention to each movement. This allows you to build more muscle and achieve that lean ripped look as well as naturally raise your metabolism so you are burning more calories even when your are not exercising!

Feel free to speak to our training staff about what days would be best to fit your lifestyle and fitness goals!

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