Your Summer Bucket List!

Your Summer Bucket List!

Summer Bucket List #SuccessSaturdayAfter a long, dreary winter we’re ready to put on our favourite summer clothes and enjoy everything that summer has to offer now that the weather’s warm! It’s the first weekend of July and now officially summer! Use our checklist as your unofficial guide for the next few months! By the time September rolls around, you won’t believe all that you’ve accomplished! It is going to be a great summer, now start it off by following this weeks #SuccessSaturday’s ideas!


  1. Pack a Ridiculously Good Picnic

Yes, sandwiches and chips are traditional, but there’s no reason you can’t curate a full menu. Think outside of the picnic box and try something thematic, like an Italian spread complete with prosciutto, and fresh bruschetta! Or try a sushi theme! Keep it fresh & incorporate food that is in season!

  1. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Speaking of eating seasonal food.. head to a Farmer’s market you’ve never been to. Meet the farmer who grew that food, learn where it came from and enjoy how delicious it tastes!

  1. Take That Day Trip

Sure you’ve got a whole week booked at the beach, but what about the rest of the summer? Take advantage of all that’s around you and finally do that day trip to the beach, mountains, or fun spot that’s been on your to-do list forever!

  1. Do An Outdoor Race!

Cities and towns are filled with them all summer long! In fact we are sponsoring one of them! Spartan Race on August 16! Challenge yourself and realize how far you have come with your fitness over the winter by doing a fun race!

  1. Take Your Workout Outside

On the weekend when the weather is fine, take it outside! With clear skies and comfortable temperatures, the weather is borderline begging you to get out of the house with a new (or favorite!) activity. Go for a hike, try paddle boarding or get your bicycle out!

  1. Catch a Sunrise AND Sunset

Make the most of the summer! Get up early and watch the sunrise at least once, and then stay up late and watch the sunset and a new day begin! Bonus points if you can do it in one day!!

  1. Get More Vitamin D

Spend as much time as you can outside (with proper SPF usage of course!) even if it’s just a two-minute walk in the sunshine on your lunch or coffee break!

  1. Have a Micro-Adventure

We’re talking don’t-leave-your-hood type of adventure. Discover something brand-new about your neighborhood and explore it. Think a hidden nook in the park, an under-the-radar coffee shop and more!

  1. Tackle That Reading List

It’s time to read a book. Take some time and unplug! Get into a juicy book or learn something new!

  1. Make A Fire

Nothing says summer like a campfire! The best conversations happen around the fire and it’s a wonderfully relaxing way to end the night!


I can’t wait to hear about your summer’s when I am back training in September! So make sure you do some epic things that you can brag about later!!

Here are some great websites with more ideas of what to take advantage of this summer: